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Defect Catalog Extract


strategie di trading opzioni binarie Alternative term: Lap

grafici opzioni binarie 60 secondi Appearance: Areas of strong material
imprint forming hills or craters.


kostenloses binäre optionen demokonto Alternative term: Massive rupture

http://www.evcilbahce.com/bb/10/il-trading-di-opzioni-binarie.html il trading di opzioni binarie Appearance: Opening, which completely penetrates the strip. It may occur in conjunction with other defects, e.g. damage.



opzioni binarie strategia macd Alternative terms: Groove, Gouge.

guida completa opzioni binarie Appearance: Line-type defect, which runs longitudinal to the rolling direction.


http://www.bournecapital.com/bt/70/opzioni-binarie-fineco-critiche.html opzioni binarie fineco critiche Alternative terms: Seam, Sliver.

http://fritsch-store.de/content/161/2722.html binäre optionen fußball Appearance: Irregular, flaky overlapping material permeated with non-metallic inclusions.



http://www.dr-riffel.de/oo/153/2599.html spam mails binäre optionen Alternative terms: M-shaped Tongues,
Slab Defect

24 opzioni binarie Appearance: M-shaped shell.

Edge Crack

http://www.liberossa.com/bh/81/opzioni-binarie-serie.html opzioni binarie serie Alternative term: Edge Fault

http://www.physioconcept-nussloch.de/oh/127/wo-handel-mit-binren-optionen.html wo handel mit binären optionen Appearance: Discontinuations of material from surface to surface at strip edges.


Rolled-In Dirt

Alternative terms: Rolled-in extraneous matter, Splinters

Appearance: Surface defects due to
rolling-in of extraneous metallic or
non-metallic material of any shape.

Longitudinal Crack

Appearance: Line-type defect that runs longitudinal to the rolling direction.


Slab Edge

Appearance: Line-type defect, which runs longitudinal to the rolling direction.

Heavy Scale

Alternative term: Rolled-in Primary Scale.

Appearance: Heavy scale appears as massively rolled-in scale on a larger surface, either spot like, streak like or section like.


Medium Scale (Scale Pits)

Alternative terms: Rolled-in Secondary Scale, Scale Stippling

Appearance: Scale pits are rolled-in secondary scale particles distributed
randomly through-out the strip,
characterized by dark spots followed
by dark tails.

Periodic Defect (Roll Mark)

Alternative terms: Imprint, Indentation.

Appearance: Roll marks occur as indentations on the top or bottom of the strip.



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