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CoilRepair - Selective Coil Repair Ensures Higher Yield

incestire opzioni binarie rischi trucchi Blocked and downgraded coils represent a loss of value. A higher coil quality and higher price can be achieved if a defective coil can be repaired. The migliori indicatori per opzioni binarie 60 EXPERT5i CoilRepair module shows the effects of repairing a coil through edge trimming or head /tail removal. The resulting coil quality can be validated by examining the effect for example, of trimming 100 mm off of the edge of a coil with edge damage. Would it be better to trim 50 mm or 200 mm? With CoilRepair you will make the best decisions. The repairs can be performed on recoiling lines or in many cases even inline during the extended cutout of the welding seam.

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The Application:

  • Pre-/post-analysis for best potential coil trimming
  • Quality validation of the resulting coil

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The Advantages:

  • Blocked coils can be repaired to achieve the value of a quality coil
  • The best repair decisions can be achieved to maximize yield and value
  • Safe evaluation of the expected repair result
  • "Viewing" instead of just being able to "imagine" the results: By viewing the coil map, defective areas are clearly seen. The effect of removing these defective areas is displayed with the resulting quality.
  • Implementation of objective repair release rules
  • Storage of the decisions taken as specification for the repair (report, saved in a database), to provide for further analysis and documentation of repair results and yield

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