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Defect Catalog Extract


http://www.centarpremium.rs/bg/24/dukascopy-opzioni-binarie.html dukascopy opzioni binarie Appearance: May have occurence patterns ranging from single to intermittent.


http://www.bretthoffmann.com/bz/5/gute-broker-fr-binre-optionen.html gute broker für binäre optionen Alternative terms: Roke, Seam, Sliver, Lamination, Blister, Scab.

http://energypop.com/bu/103/unique-option-opzioni-binarie.html unique option opzioni binarie Appearance: Irregular, flaky. Sometimes overlapping material, which can contain non-metallic inclusions.



opzioni binarie avanzate Alternative term: Pinch Mark.

fedeltá grafico opzioni binarie Appearance: Single markings of linear form. Material fold, not parallel to strip direction.

Edge Fault

opzioni binarie se non varia il prezzo Alternative terms: Edge Crack, Edge Break

http://www.pumpezabeton.com/bj/37/trading-opzioni-binarie-come-funziona.html trading opzioni binarie come funziona Appearance: Discontinuations of material from surface to surface at strip edges. 



http://www.funatics.de/oa/37/694.html focus online binäre optionen Appearance: Particular or multiple dark spots.

Sticker Break

finanza online opzione binaria Appearance: Sticker breaks appear as lines of pronounced curved shape.



guadagni opzioni binarie Appearance: Rust is a surface layer of corrosion products. It appears as mostly
black stains. Shape, pattern and extension may vary considerably.

Carbon Deposit

sind binäre optionen glücksspiel Appearance: Carbon deposits appear mostly in edge areas as black stains.



opzioni binarie migliore strategia Alternative terms: Scale Pit,
Scale Residues

Appearance: Dark, sometimes with
bright surroundings. Single spots or streaky
pattern, sometimes irregularly distributed over a large area.


Alternative term: Liquid Residues

Appearance: Usually circular-shaped, dark spots.


Roll Mark

Alternative term: Roller Imprint.

Appearance: Occur as marks at certain intervals.


Alternative terms: Imprint, Indentation.

Appearance: Dents are indentations or depressions on the strip surface which occur periodically.



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